An attic provides that extra space on top of your home. Some homeowners use it as an extra room for guests or their college kids and some need an extra storage unit. Regardless of how you use your attic, it’s important to keep it well ventilated. A well ventilated attic will cut cooling costs each month. Here are tips on keeping a cool and ventilated attic for a healthier home environment. Roofers near your location can probably help in a much faster way.


Cost Effective & Energy Efficient

As we’ve discussed, a properly ventilated roof keeps a cool home. The heat is allowed to escape through the roof and you don’t need to keep cranking the air conditioning. Your cost of electricity will be lower each month because you won’t feel the need to keep cooling your home.

Longer Roof Life

Florida has it’s cold fronts, but nothing like up north. Ice build and freezing makes for a damaged, leaky roof if not ventilated properly. However, Florida isn’t off the hook. The wind, rain, and hurricane season brings debris, dust, and build up to your roof. A well ventilated roof will increase proper airflow, eliminating the problem of debris and dust accumulating, which causes tears in your roof. Avoid leaks if it’s necessary and have a well-ventilated roof.

Determining if Your Attic Has Sufficient Ventilation

If you wondering how to determine if your attic is well-ventilated, there are a few simple steps you can take. On a hot day, touch your ceiling with your hand. If it’s hot, your attic isn’t circulating the air through and you’re most likely cranking that AC. Check your eaves and roof for vents. If you don’t see any, you need to add them right away. Again, it’s a rarity that Florida gets extremely cold weather, but we do have winter. Preferably January and February would be a good time to check your attic for damp areas. All of these are factors of a non-ventilated attic. Roofers near your location can help and save time and money.

Getting Expert Advice

When you’re having difficulty determining your case for attic ventilation, there’s no better way to handle it than to get expert advice from your local roofing specialist. They’ve seen hundreds of roofs, from storm damaged to new installations, and can recommend the best ventilation system for your roof.

The simplest way to avoid roof replacements due to not enough ventilation through your attic is to follow the steps above. If you’re still unable to determine how much ventilation you have or need roofing advice, a trusted contractor can help. The experts at Jupiter Roofing have a long-standing history in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Stuart, Florida. They know the ins and outs of proper roof maintenance and are available anytime to assist with the installation of your roof. Give them a call today!