You may not pay much attention to your roof until something is wrong. Perhaps your routine maintenance is cleaning the gutters or pine needles and leaves stuck to the shingles. Your roof needs more than an occasional sweep clean. Especially if you live in an area that’s prone to experiencing heavy winds and debris. Your roof needs to be inspected by a roof service Jupiter expert to check for signs of damage, especially after a storm. They can see hidden storm damage even when you think you’ve covered all grounds.


Maintenance Damage

Any time you have someone maintain the A/C unit in your home, there’s a risk that they leave their tools or containers on the roof or fail to close the access panels before leaving. You don’t generally consider this to be an issue, especially with professional contractors. However, anytime you have a maintenance worker tend to appliances in and around your home and they need access to your roof, you should inspect the roof immediately after. Look for upturned shingles or leftover debris around the area they worked.

Storm Damage

Storm damage happens to almost every roof in America and, depending on the severity of the storm, the damage could be costly. Almost immediately following a storm you need to get your roof inspected. Heavy winds, for example, can carry debris and other objects that cause damage to your roof. Hail and other storms may create damage that can trigger insurance claims, too. Weather damage to your roof can be more in depth than a minor maintenance. When you wait to get your roof inspected, the very next storm than blows your way may require costly emergency roof repair.


The average length of a low-slope roof is 20-30 years and 15-25 years for single-ply, if it’s maintained properly. Over the years, wear and tear from weather and the process of aging will cause the roof to have holes or cracks. If these are left uninspected, they can get bigger, allowing water to filter through and pose a threat to the air quality in your home. While aging is normal, it’s a vital reason to get your roof inspected on a regular seasonal basis no matter what type of roof you have.

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