Are you considering remolding your roof? Are you building a new home and don’t know which roof to choose from? Much like the importance of the walls and interior of your home, your roof has just as much importance. Consider your roofing options before you start investing in the remolding of your home or replacing your roof. These roof styles will shed some light on what is best for you and your family.

Stuart Florida Roofer

Stuart Florida Roofer

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Before you spend hours of your time and even money into choosing the roof type that you want, consider where you live. Are you in an area that is prone to hurricane-like winds? Do you experience a lot of rain and flooding? Maybe you live by a body of water that usually experiences a heavier storm than the rest of your surrounding areas. You can certainly choose a roof type that fits your budget and style but you must consider the strength and purpose of the roof as well. Though all roofs are made to withstand heavy rain and wind, some are just plain better than others.


A clay tile roof is delicate and fancy yet pretty popular in the warm climates. They are made in a kiln and typically come in Spanish or Italian style but can also be made in the likeness of wood or slate. Even though this roof type is eco-friendly, it can require a great amount of energy to manufacture. This roofing type is very durable for heavy winds and rain and is fire-resistant but can chip and become brittle so be sure to inspect the roof before and after a major storm should you invest in a clay roof. Not only is it a popular choice for most in the warmer climates, it’s very low maintenance and has a long lifespan.


Steel roofs are another popular choice because of their lightweight material and are very durable when it comes to heavy wind and even fire. You can even find metal roofs comprised of zinc alloy, aluminum, and even copper. Metal roofs are just about maintenance free and are beneficial for reflecting heat sunlight away from the home. This keeps the cooling cost low and is more energy efficient. Wood shakes, Victorian metal tiles, clay tiles, and shingles are made from metal as well, which offers diversity to your palette. Although it can get quite pricey, metal is an excellent and eco-friendly way to style your roof.


Concrete roofs are typically lighter in weight and are resistant to mold and insects all year round. Again, this roof type is an excellent barrier for fire and wind and heavy storms and is pretty moderate in cost. Concrete roofing styles can be made to resemble clay, slate, or wood shakes, and the color can be made throughout the surface if needed. Just like any roofing type, even though this type is long-lasting and low maintenance, it can break and must be inspected after a major storm to repair leak in roof.