Roofing issues are something every homeowner deals with at one point or another. The important thing to remember about roofing issues, however, is to catch them early. Performing routine maintenance of the roof and catching problems early can save you from a significant roofing replacement bill. Looking out for these common warning signs can help you and your loved ones prevent further roofing damage.


Drip, drip, drop

A leaky roof is not good. If your roof is experiencing leaks, this is a warning sign you should not ignore. If you are experiencing a leaky roof, the cause can typically be traced back to a cracked flashing. Flashings can commonly be found around chimneys, windows, skylights and other areas of the home that are prone to leaks. While leaking might be able to be fixed by a simple repair, a replacement may be likely depending on how long your roof has been experiencing this problem.


Sagging roof

If you notice your roof is sagging or appears concave, a replacement is needed immediately. A sagging roof is an indication of structural damage and therefore makes your roof an unstable safety hazard. Moisture damage and rot can be the root cause of a sagging roof, so it’s important to call a roof replacement company before your home sustains further damage.


Missing shingles

When you look at the roof of your home it should look consistent without any bald spots. If you can clearly see where shingles are missing from your roof it might already be too late. If you only notice a few cracked, missing or damaged roofing tiles then minor repairs may be all you need, but if multiple areas of shingles are missing your roof may be at the end of its lifespan.



Water spots

Similar to leaking, interior and/or exterior water spots mean there is trapped moisture in your roof that is causing irreversible damage. These water spots are different than those you might find around a vent or AC unit, as these are much larger and usually in the center of your ceiling.



Where did this hole come from?

Punctures and holes can be caused by anything from fallen branches or limbs to the high-winds that come with Florida’s hurricane season. The tiny punctures and holes are hard to identify if you do not perform routine maintenance on your roof, and can easily escalate into gaping holes. If you’re lucky punctures can be easily repaired, but if not it’s important to replace your roof sooner rather than later to avoid an even more costly repair in the future.



Procrastinated Maintenance

Don’t let the overused excuse of price deter you from performing regular maintenance on your roof. Prioritizing the lifespan of your roof saves your finances from expensive yearly roof replacement and repair payments.

Being mindful of and addressing these warning signs now will help keep your roof holding strong through the years and tropical storms to come. For a roof replacement near Stuart, call Juniper Island Roofing, Inc.