Buildings with flat roofs often have a different structure than most residential or commercial shingle and metal roofs. Depending on the type of flat roof, your cost  for the initial building will be great because of the materials and structure. Unfortunately, traditional roofing materials will not do you justice. However, expert roofers in Stuart know this and only use what’s recommended to get the job done correctly. When repairing a flat roof only the following tools and materials should be used.

Flat Roof 101

Flat roofs are costly, and if not treated properly, can be a hassle to maintain. They are designed with ridges to drain water. However, excessive standing or ponding water can cause buildup and  lead to leakage through the roofs barrier and into your home. Unlike shingles, you’ll want to avoid any seams that could potentially cause leakage. Water is a big threat to flat roofs and any seam or bubble can quickly wreak havoc. Because of this, flat roofs need materials that will be impenetrable. Roofers have been said to experience back problems when working on flat roofs because of the constant repetition and weight of materials. The labor cost of a roofer service in Jupiter can be just as much or more than a typical sloped roof.  The best way to judge the cost of a flat roof job is to find out how much you need in materials.

The list below will give you an idea of the average material cost:

Spray-On Roof – between $3.00 and $6.00 per square foot, a spray adhesive can be applied to the roof so little to no preparation is required aside from cleaning. But in order for this application to work efficiently, the adhesive needs to be delicately and evenly spread over the roof.

Built Up Roof – This process uses a multilayer of ply sheets fused together by hot asphalt. This ranges from $5.00 to $7.00 a square foot and may include a top layer that has energy-efficient reflective coating or gravel for added protection.

EPDM Rubber – This type of rubber is popular because of its width and the ability to withstand large amounts of water from bursting the seams, however, are not a favorite choice among your roof installation contractor in Jupiter because of the difficult installation process. Each sheet needs careful tending as it can easily have air bubbles if not smoothed out properly.

PVC Membrane – The PVC membrane is hot-air welded at the seams and is an energy-efficient layer of insulation. Many contractors use mechanical fasteners to ensure the board stays put, resulting in a laborious end result.

TPO – At $5.00 or $7.00 per square foot, roofers can either use self-adhesive strips or mechanically install this to the insulation board.

Modified Bitumen – These are installed in multilayers, torched to the surface of the material below, creating a intense laborious job for contractors. Cold-rolled technology is available to allow for a smooth process. However, it involves rigorous tar application and cost per square foot is between $5.00 and $7.00.

Now that you’re aware of the attention to detail flat roofs require, you can trust that a local roofer service expert in Jupiter will have your back. Stuart Roofer is your team of professionals that have serviced the Jupiter, Stuart, and Martin County areas for many years. Our licensed professionals know the ins and outs of roofing and are equipped to handle any major or minor repair to your roof. Contact us for a roof estimate today!