Roofing issues are never something homeowners want to deal with, but sometimes it’s an absolute necessity. A roof repair in Jupiter, Florida, can be expensive, so roof maintenance is key to cutting back the repair fees. Looking out for common roof repair issues can help you catch damage early and avoid a costly replacement.   


If your roof is experiencing leaks then it is safe to say something is not right. To be fair, leaking is the most common roof repair homeowners are faced with and can stem from multiple possible causes. A typical cause of leaking is a cracked flashing. Flashings seal the perimeter and any voids in the roof to prevent leaking and are usually placed around skylights, chimneys, and other similar areas. Because the primary reason for flashings is to stop leaks, it is the first place you should check and maintain regularly.

Ponding Water

If you have a flat roof you may have noticed a pool of water congregating in the middle of your roof after a storm. This is a relatively easy fix, as removing the pooled water seems to do the trick more often than not.


Fallen trees are an obvious cause of roofing damage, but even low hanging limbs can cause wear and tear damage by rubbing or resting on your roof. Cutting away and trimming back low hanging limbs as well as branches hanging directly over your roof can severely increase your roof’s lifespan.


While Cinderella may have embraced living with birds and mice, you may not want the same guests in your roof. Tiny critters can cause a significant amount of damage to the integrity of your roof, so it’s best to send them on their way before they wear out their welcome.

Irregular Maintenance

Many times homeowners use the excuse of price and do not perform regular maintenance on their roof. However, by not investing small amounts into your roof maintenance you are opening your finances up to an expensive roof replacement payment. Prioritizing the lifespan of you roof allow homeowners to keep their homes, and repairs, in check.

Poor installation

Unfortunately this is not a problem you can likely fix on your own. Shoddy workmanship and installation can be detrimental to your roof and home in the years to come. You should always have a professional inspect your roof before buying a home as well as undergo regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Punctures and holes

Punctures and holes can be caused by anything from foot traffic, to wandering animals to high-winds brought on by tropical storms. Hail and high-winds can cause punctures in the roofing material and can even result in broken or missing shingles. Ruptures in roofing can escalate into gaping holes, leaving homeowners with critical issues and costly repairs.


With the Florida hurricane season just around the corner, investing in a roof repair now will keep your roof holding strong through the storms. For a roof repair near Juniper, Florida, call Juniper Island Roofing, Inc.