Seeing your roof leaking is an alarming sight. The cause could be a number of different things and it is important to not neglect the signs. Neglecting the signs could lead to ugly water stains on the interior of your home and also lead to drips. Before it is too late find the roofing contractors in port st lucie.

Water Stains and Drips

Some stains are simple to find and look like bubbles in your ceiling. Sometimes the stains are accompanied with dark brown spots which makes it easier to detect. The spots don’t always indicate that your roof is leaking, but it is important to not neglect the issue. Occasionally these stains are followed by drips from the ceiling. If you see any of these indicators please don’t hesitate to call us so we can make sure your roof is safe.

Deterioration of Your Shingles

Rotten, missing, cracking, granule loss, curling, and moldy shingles are all signs of your roof leaking. Strong storms such as hurricanes can cause extreme damage to shingles. It is important to have someone take a look at your roof to see if there is anything that needs to be attended to. Older shingles, overtime, begin to lose the granule. Granule may begin to build up in your gutters and the shingles begin to deteriorate. Curling shingles occurs when the attic may not be properly vented or shingles may be absorbing water.


You might notice that your roof has black spots on the exterior of your roof. These spots are typically algae thriving on the shingles of your home. Algae usually doesn’t mean the end of your roof’s lifespan it just needs a good cleaning and it looks as good as new.

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