You wouldn’t have a home without a roof so why wait until something detrimental happens before you have it maintenance? Logically, you should have your roof inspected once before the season starts. If you wait to fix roof leak, you’re only asking for more problems down the road. Should a major storm hit, rapid winds or even heavy rain, you will encounter flooding and possible damage to the structure of your home as well. Whether you have a commercial building, home, or both that needs assisting, the experts know what they’re doing.  Don’t wait to call the professional so they can catch an issue before it even starts.

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What is roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance isn’t what you imagine; a roofer gets to the top, examines the roof with a magnifying glass and calls it a day. It’s a quite complexed, and this is why there are certified and professionally trained experts that have the skills and tools to know what to look for. Fixing a leaky roof is one issue, but how the leak got there in the first place is quite another. With regular roof maintenance, the experts can identify and fix the problem on the spot. Roof maintenance takes care of the following roof issues:

Bucking, blistering, or curling shingles

Shingles that is broke or torn

Rust spots on flashing or cracked caulk

Branches that gather on the roof and tear up the shingles or attract squirrel activity

Moss is very pretty when is not on creating a home on your roof. If you suspect algae or moss collecting on your roof, you need a roofer to help clean and fix it. Another importance aspect of roof maintenance is catching a problem that you may not notice after storms such as hurricanes and possible tornados. Anything from the street or field can fly up and hit your roof, causing a small or large leak that you might not notice the day after.

Why should I invest in roof maintenance?

Repairing a leaking roof can cause a lot of damage if you don’t notice the leak for a while afterword. Consistent roof maintenance will allow the roofers in Stuart FL to inspect the roofs perimeter, the interior, exterior, drainage, and other problems that can occur if inspections are regularly performed. Annual or bi-annual maintenance will inform you of the life expectancy of your roof, identify potential issues pertaining to metal decking and damage to the installation. Maintenance helps free the drains of debris and cleans the area to keep access water form pooling and weighing down the roof. Should a major repair or replacement be necessary, this will give you some time for you to budget for those changes. Your roofer will also prepare a written report on your roof for your personal records. Roof maintenance extends the life of your roof by 50% too.

If you can’t remember when the last time you had an inspection on your roof, it’s about time that you call you professional roofer in Stuart FL.