Between June and November in Florida, the weather can get pretty ugly. From severe thunderstorms to heavy wind and rain, hurricane season is upon us and, well, when you’re a Florida resident, you can’t run from it. It is wise to be prepared before you experience the severity that our tropical storms can brings. Don’t wait for your neighbor to tell you to hurricane proof your home. These steps will not only save you time and money, but are effective all year round.Roofing

An Inside Job

Never assume that your roof is in tip-top shape just by appearance. Always have a qualified professional perform a thorough inspection first, inside and out. Hurricanes can bring up to 155 mph winds against your home, and that constant beating is only going to wear your roof down if it isn’t properly maintenance. Strong winds can lift the tiles and shingles clear off and cause more harm and cost more in the long run. A roofing expert will look at the inside of the attic roof while paying close attention to broke or curled tiles or shingles.  If you are unable to tell with your own eyes, a professional can witness questionable signs that will pose a threat to the rest of your home and take care of them before the storm hits.

You also have to take into consideration the foundation of your walls that hold the roof intact. The sheathing and structural frame are one of the most important aspects of your roof when you are preparing for a major storm. A professional will check all main openings of your home such as windows, doors, and vents from lifting. They may recommend hip roofs rather than gabled roofs because of their ability to withstand such weather hazards.

A Clean Yard is a happy yard.

As the season deepens, the winds pick up and usually carry debris from lawn to lawn. Make sure that you are gathering any loose limbs, small items on patios, and dead branches that tend to linger after a storm. Prune your trees and keep them at a length that won’t likely be easily swept up by the rushing winds.

The Outside Matters

The out layer of your roof is more than just an appealing architecture. It needs to offer full support when push comes to shove. The shingles need proper installation such the appropriate nails, the flashing, edge adhesives, and more. Metal roofs may not be as flattering but they will provide weather resistant protection when hurricane season approaches. When it comes to hard winds up 125mph, concrete tiles will withstand stand any hail, fire, and storm that approach.

No one likes to think that they may be the victim of a weather casualty, but it’s better to be ready. Remember, if you are unsure that your roof and its structure can hold firm during hurricane season, it’s best to hire a professional roofer to inspect the nook and cranny to be safe.