Every season, storms come and go, heavy or light. The more powerful they are, the more damage they do. Whether you’ve recently been through a storm or you’re getting ready for storm season, chances are you may not think to inspect your roof for storm damage. And if you don’t know there is damage, be it from faulty installation or years of cumulative storms, you could have a costly expense on your hands. Your roof may look fine upon appearance, but these helpful tips and steps will determine when you need to call the professionals.

Open/Close Windows/Doors

When your home has shifted in its alignment, you will see it when you perform normal tasks such as opening and closing windows/doors. If you notice doors/windows sticking when you open and close them, this is a sign that storm damage has shifted the alignment.

New Hairline Cracks

Over time as the house settles, you will notice hairline cracks in the foundation. While these may not look alarming, storms can widen the cracks, causing deeper issues in the foundation later on.

Roofline Inspection

If storm damage has occurred, you will notice the weight of the roof begin to shift, no longer maintaining a straight line. Your roof is made to hold the weight of the walls around your home. Any slight tilt or shift will cause your walls to become weary. You will notice this shift in your roofline once you perform a thorough inspection.

Silent but Deadly – The Bottom Line

If you’ve assessed the damage and called your local roof repair service, Jupiter experts, you’ll need to prepare for the next big storm. Now that you’ve identified the problems, there are few inexpensive ways to toughen up your roof. Under the shingle tabs, you can apply roofing cement for stronger structure and alongside the edges where shingles are exposed. Schedule a yearly roof inspection with an expert after you’ve inspected it by yourself. You may have to get on your roof to asses the area more thoroughly. If this is out of your comfort zone, experts in roof repair, Jupiter can safely investigate. Check your attic (on the inside) for light coming through. This means a storm has shift the roofline and the next storm can bring wind and water into your home. Hire a professional roof repair service in Jupiter to fix the gaps before another storm occurs. These specialist can offer tips and guidance so you can avoid future storm damage.

Hire an expert roofer that will get the job done right. They know what to look for and know where to find those hidden problems that you may overlook. Don’t weather the storm without our trusted team of roof maintenance which Martin County has to offer. Contact us today for a quote!