In order to help a roof do its job, you must pay it the attention it needs. When you experience a leak, you can pretty much decipher where it’s coming from, whether it’s the roof or the pipes. But sometimes certain instances cause issues within your roof’s interior that are often missed until the damage has been done. These common roof problems are telltale signs that will alert you to fix them right away.


If you live in a shaded area with many trees, your land is more than likely a breeding ground for cute little squirrels and chipmunks to run amok over the top of your roof. While it may seem nice to watch them scamper through the yard playfully, they will wreak havoc on your roof. Even insects that like to burrow in the gutters and shingles can cause damage. Get rid of any debris, trim trees, and evict nests that draw attention to critters.

Faulty Installation

When you bought your home, did you know who performed the roof installation? If not, it’s best to get a handy man up there to check it out thoroughly. Not knowing the condition of your roof can cause even bigger issues later when storms approach or gusts of wind take place. You won’t know if your roof has a major flaw if you don’t get it evaluated. It’s also common for the flashing to be improperly installed. This is when you would call the pros to ensure that the flashing is attached properly and the laps and seams haven’t opened.

No Ventilation

Yes, even roofs need proper ventilation in order to provide efficient shelter. Since the warm air rises in your home, there is nowhere for it to go but up. Efficient air circulation helps regulate the temperature in the attic, thus allowing for healthy airflow to your roof. Be sure to check the attic periodically for temperature regulation, especially when it gets warmer. When left unchecked, the heat can cause moisture buildup which can damage the shingles, rafters, and insulation. This can also raise energy costs. Keep your AC unit on at all times and make sure it’s set to a cooler temperature.


Occasionally, the membrane of your roof will shrink (shrinkage), causing cracks in the upper layer of your roof. Shrinkage and blistering will eventually cause tearing and surface erosion that can lead to bigger problems if not maintained properly. In order to prevent these mishaps, a seasoned roofer will perform a routine inspection.

Ponding Water

Ponding water should not be sedentary on your roof top. Should you see standing water on your roof, an expert needs to be called right away to inspect the issue. It isn’t just a matter of getting up there to take care of the water; you need the experts to investigate the area around the water before removal. The UV rays that reflect upon the ponding water are compounded by the water and can have an adverse reaction to the asphalt based mod bits that are on the roof.

If you are experiencing these common issues, give us a call at Stuart Roofing. We don’t just watch for common signs but take preventive measures to ensure your roof is in top shape as well.