Types of Roofing Materials for Flat Roofs

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Buildings with flat roofs often have a different structure than most residential or commercial shingle and metal roofs. Depending on the type of flat roof, your cost  for the initial building will be great because of the materials and structure. Unfortunately, traditional roofing materials will not do you justice. However, expert roofers in Stuart know

Why Seasonal Roof Inspection is Important

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You may not pay much attention to your roof until something is wrong. Perhaps your routine maintenance is cleaning the gutters or pine needles and leaves stuck to the shingles. Your roof needs more than an occasional sweep clean. Especially if you live in an area that’s prone to experiencing heavy winds and debris. Your

Why You Should Have a Well-Ventilated Attic

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An attic provides that extra space on top of your home. Some homeowners use it as an extra room for guests or their college kids and some need an extra storage unit. Regardless of how you use your attic, it’s important to keep it well ventilated. A well ventilated attic will cut cooling costs each