A roof is a big investment for a homeowner and takes up a significant portion of the construction cost. Taking a decision about which roof will work the best for your home or building can seem overwhelming. To help you make that decision, we have the following comparison between two most popular roofing types- metal and shingle. Stuart roofer is one of the best metal roofing companies in Florida.

Metal Roofs


Metal roofs are an attractive option because of their minimal maintenance, longevity and energy efficiency. Additionally, you can choose from copper, aluminum, zinc, tin etc.

Benefits of metal roofs

1. Lightweight-The installation and transportation of metal roofs is easy owing to its light weight. It does not put any unnecessary pressure on the structure of the building.

2. Lifespan– Metal roofs last for at least 50 years before they start showing any signs of deterioration.

3. Cost– Metal roofs have a lower long-term cost because of its longevity. They can easily outlast shingle roofs.

4. Fire resistant– Metal roofing is fire resistant. So, installing a metal roof in areas that are prone to wildfires is better as it is less likely to catch fire as compared to a shingle roof.

5. Weather condition- Metal roofs stand strong in extreme weather conditions. They are designed to withstand strong winds, hail & ice, high heat, heavy showers and snow.

6. Energy efficient- Some metal roofs now come with highly emissive metal panels that give them the capability to radiate the heat in high temperatures.

Disadvantages of metal roofs

1. Higher one-time cost- Metal roofs have a higher one-time cost as compared to shingle roofs. Additionally, there could also be a higher price for the labor and equipment needed to install the roof.

2. Noise- Living beneath the sheets of metal during rainy seasons is bound to get noisier than living beneath tiles or thick slack. The noise can be reduced by using materials that have structural barriers to reduce the drumming effect on the roofs.

3. Intensive labor- There is no room for any error while installing a metal roof. A trained technician is required to install these roofs. As it is a labor-intensive process, it might take up more time and money.

Shingle Roofs


Shingles are made from small and rectangular asphalts. They are water-resistant and come in a variety of shapes and textures which make them architecturally versatile. The installation is fairly easy and straightforward and due to their up-front cost, shingle roofs are a popular choice among homeowners.

Benefits of shingle roofs

1. Short time cost-effective- Shingle roofs are usually half the price of metal roofs which can be appealing to a lot of homeowners.

2. Easier to install and replace- Shingle roofing requires less time and labor for installation and replacement. The shingles come prepackaged and they can be immediately nailed to the deck.

3. Cheaper repairs- Shingle roofs are easier to repair because of the ease of installation and replacement. Fewer materials are required to fix shingles.

4. Performs well under pressure- Once the shingle roof is secured to the structure, they can be walked on. With metal roofs, there are possibilities of dents and scuffs under pressure.

Disadvantages of shingle roofs

1. Shorter lifecycle- Most shingle roofs survive at most 25 years

2. Higher long-term cost- Although they have a lower upfront cost, shingle roofing can end up costing more in the long run.

3. Limited color options- There is little or no chance for bright and vivid colors. The shingles are usually available in dark and dull colors.

4. Heavyweight- Asphalt shingles are heavier than metal panels. The additional weight is stressful to the building and can cause problems over time.

5. Fire concern- Most of the shingle roofs are fire resistant but asphalt is still a combustible material. The granules covering the asphalt make the shingles fire resistant on the surface but if a flame was to reach the asphalt, the roof would catch fire.

How to decide before choosing your roof type?

Choosing a roof is an individual choice. The right roof is based on the needs of the people living under it. The vital aspects while making such a decision include –

1. The budget-

If you are low on budget and do not mind the idea of replacing the roof every 15 or 20 years, shingle roof is the better option. If you have more money to put down at one time and do not want the roof to be replaced for at least 50 years, a metal roof is the best choice.

2. Roof design

The best material depends on the roof design. A roof design is based on the –

  • Roof pitch
  • The complex design of the roof
  • What portions of the roof are in sunlight

3. The life of the building

If the building is old and needs extreme renovations, a shingle roof is the best option. If the building is new and likely to last for many decades, a metal roof is the best choice.

We hope you are now clear on which roof type you wish to install. Both roofs are great options but it completely depends on the individual needs when selecting one.