Shingles are an important part of your roof. They provide a protective, overlapping layer of coverage from the bottom up and are the first to get hit in a major storm. Roof shingles are a part of the majority of homes in America and many kinds of shingles are offered by your roof service in Jupiter, Florida. More importantly, you should understand the construction and material used to make your roofing shingles before you buy. This helpful information will offer you all you need to know when it comes time to replace shingles.


Types of Shingles and Colors

3-Tab Shingles –

or ‘strip’ are made of a single layer of material with two cutouts on the surface, appearing to have three tabs altogether.

Fiberglass shingles –

made up of a layer of waterproof asphalt coating, a fiberglass mat, and ceramic particles which protect from UV rays.

Laminate shingles

this type of shingle has a second set of shingles over the first layer offering a 3D effect. They are considered to be stronger and the best choice for residential roofs because of the architectural quality.

Organic shingles

made from recycled materials that are saturated in asphalt. They are considered to be costly and more harmful to the environment.

The options for color and style are plentiful and can easily mimic the look of tile, wood, and slate when installed correctly. Light to dark gray and beige to reddish colors are available depending on the style and color of your home.

The pricing and materials for these shingles vary and your local roof maintenance Stuart expert can help you decide on which material is right for your home.

Climate Consideration

While South Florida probably won’t see any harsh, bitter cold winters, we have equally harsh storms that can do damage to residential and commercial roofs. When choosing a new roof, you want to get materials that will hold during a major hurricane or heavy rainfall. Debris, critters, and algae like to harbor in the cracks and crevices of your roof. Consistent moisture produces algae and in order to be rid of it completely, you need to clean your shingles with soap and water.

Shingles Add Value to Your Home

Nowadays technology has made a vast improvement with energy efficient roofing. Cool-roofing technology helps keep your home cool by reducing the amount of heat to your roof. When it comes time to sell your home, buyers will be interested to know that your roof helps keep a low monthly energy cost.

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace you roof this season, consider the many benefits and options that roof shingles provide. More importantly, leave it in the hands a roof service in Jupiter to get the job done correctly. Stuart Roofer has serviced the Jupiter and Stuart area for many years and would be happy to shed light on which type of shingle is right and will order all materials needed. Contact our team of experts today!