No one enjoys putting money into something that isn’t necessary. Unless your roof is losing its shingles or you’re finding yourself constantly calling the experts for repairs, you may not need to replace your roof for a longer time than you think. But you want to have peace of mind about your roofs ability to stand up to next heavy rain or wind storm. Before you decide that you need a new roof, check out this list of practical ideas for you to consider. You may not have to spend as much money as you thought!

Did you know that with proper techniques you extend the life of your roof to last for decades? Your roof comes with great responsibilities to issues that are often overlooked. It’s imperative to the health of your home that you look after your roof more than just before and after a storm. Your shingles, seals, valleys, and ridges often hold some pretty hefty weather damage that you may not notice right away. Over time, your roof ages because these issues that were once minor to maintain are now causing a bigger problem, costing you much more in the end.

Check the Attic

An attic is a pretty normal addition to the home and in some cases are blessing for those of us that need extra storage space. But sometimes an attic is also prone to feeling the stress of the roof. Whether you have an accessible attic or not, store valuables or nothing at all, it’s crucial to check your attic for mold or mildew. You can surely spot the smell right away once you’re up there. Check for damp areas and be sure clean it thoroughly right away.

Pay attention to ridges and valleys

You will find the ridges and valleys where the plane on your roof changes. You want to check these areas regularly to remove any debris and clutter. The shingle in these areas need to be overlapping correctly without any holes or tears underneath.

Shabby Shingles

Take note of any cracked or broken shingles. These need to be replaced right away. Cracked, broken, or layers missing are common during heavy storms. Sometimes, even the most thorough inspection and care is no match for the cruelty of the weather. So, take care of these issues when you see them. Your local roofer can help lay a stronger foundation for the roof.

Check for Branches or Debris

You always want to keep an eye out for tree branches, big and small, stones, sand, and other natural elements that can accumulate and gather and cause damage to your roof. Give your roof a good sweeping at least once a month or after windy storms.

Check the seals

Your home has vents and a few pipes that usually run through your home and up to your roof. This could be a skylight, chimney or gas related pipes. To keep the water outside, these units are usually inlayed with rubber, metal, or both to seal the base together. Check these areas often for breakage, cracks, and leaks. Sometimes, even the animals that run across your roof will unknowingly damage that area. Always check these areas that meet your roof top.

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