When you’re about to sell your home, the repairs can become a daunting task as you chip away at what needs fixing, painting, and cleaning. Your roof should be one of those aspects that needs attention in the process. In America alone, 5 millions roofs are replaced each year. Avoid a roof replacement. These 5 roof-ready tips will help prepare your home for the day you hand over the keys. Roofers in Port St. Lucie provides you with the five tips to make your life easy.


You vs Them

So you’ve sold your home, getting ready to sell, or it’s not on the market yet. Either way, have you looked at your roof lately? Better yet, have you look at your neighbors roofs? If your neighbor is selling their home and their roof looks immaculate, compare it to yours and see where it needs the most attention. If you haven’t inspected your roof after the last storm, chances are a glance-over will not suffice when it comes to selling your home.

What’s the Condition?

Pretty simple question with some possible tough-to-swallow answers. As you inspect your roof, determine what needs to be fixed. Are there any leaks, mold or attic moisture? Does your roof show signs of shingle curling? Are your shingles cracked? Is there noticeable granule loss? As much as you’d hate to admit, perhaps now is the time for a roof replacement. A roof replacement adds value and curb appeal to your home. You can expect buyers to pay top dollar for a new roof that’s move-in ready.

Gutter Clutter

Gutters gather debris and whatever blows its way. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell just how cluttered our roof gutters can get…until it’s time to sell our home! Maintaining the cleanliness of your gutters improves the flow of rainwater, prevents buildup, and critters who want to nest. Moreover, clean gutters reduce roof damage and roof-related leaks.

Check your Insulation

Do you have insulation under your roof? If not, perhaps it’s time to protect your roof and surrounding area even more with a layer of insulation. Insulation doesn’t just protect your roof from the inside, it also maintains the temperature within your home. During those hot and muggy nights, you’ll need all the cool air to remain inside your home!

Is My Roof Really Ready?

Even if you’ve done the necessary inspections to your roof, it’s still beneficial to get an inspection by a roofing contractor Stuart offers. These local professionals will not sell you a roof if they don’t feel it will benefit your sale.

Get your roof inspected before your sell your home. Let an expert roofer service Jupiter add some value to your home! Call today for an estimate or just talk with one of our trusted reps for more information.